We are committed to reaching the highest sustainable and environmental standards that we can. We’re a small business, but we recognise that every positive step helps. We are continuously researching and learning about how we can improve. 

We favour small batch production and custom made to prevent overstock. This means we hold small quantities in stock, order on demand from our suppliers, or products are custom made to order. 

Many of our products are responsibly sourced from UK suppliers, and others from European and Scandinavian brands, so that we keep our sourcing as local as possible.

We are proud members of the Heritage Craft Association, a UK charity dedicated to safeguarding craft skills and knowledge for the future.

We are championing natural renewable fibres & products that use waste/deadstock materials within our collections.

Our packaging is biodegradable, recycled or reusable. We reuse supplier packing whenever possible (and this may include re-using plastic) and any new packaging we purchase is as eco friendly as we can find.

We create minimal waste within our business through demand-based purchasing and recycling. 

We encourage transparency from our suppliers to understand their production processes including their ethical, environmental and sustainable policies and practices. Read about how our rug brands are supporting sustainability from the ground up

If you have any questions about our commitment to environmental or sustainability issues, or wish to know more specific information about any of our brands, please ask! We also invite any suggestions as to how we may improve.