A naturally crafted home

Décoraii is a unique store where you’ll discover expertly crafted, natural home decor items. We celebrate the innate beauty of finely crafted natural materials, and the richness they can bring to our homes.

Stack of two deep ramen bowls with softly curved rims. Hand-thrown artisan ceramic tableware handmade by Carla Murdoch in the UK. The bowl has an earthy green lichen colour glaze.

Thoughtfully curated collections

When you browse our store, you’ll find thoughtfully curated collections of natural and sustainable rugs, ethical home furnishings, handmade ceramic tableware and vases, as well as natural fibre baskets. From the functional to the decorative, every carefully crafted item has been selected for its resonance with, and respect for the natural world.

We have chosen colours that reflect landscapes and oceans, intriguing organic shapes, and textures that celebrate nature’s finest materials. And we work with brands and makers who tread lightly and with respect for people, place, and planet.


Natural materials and nature’s colours

Our curated collections include a versatile range of natural materials, crafted by expert makers. Everything celebrates the innate beauty of the raw materials – think of the marled character of undyed wool or the intriguing translucency of porcelain.

Textures, forms and colour palettes are informed by nature too. Textures vary, from soft to robust and smooth to rugged. Shapes are organic and pleasingly balanced. 

Colours may be subtle or rich but are always harmonious and reflective of the way natural light and the seasons play on the landscape. Décoraii’s responsibly sourced and sustainable home decor invites these natural elements into the home, to be cherished.

Kasthall metal box full of yellow woollen yarn bobbins wound ready for weaving.
Natural home decor - Rachel Bower weaving a willow basket - willow is being twisted and woven by hand.

Craft and sustainability

Décoraii is a place for appreciating craft, making and finding enduring natural items. Leading brands and lesser-known designer makers (from the UK, Scandinavia, and Europe) have been chosen for their expertise and imagination in creating long-lasting and unique products that foster a sense of slow living and connection to nature.

Some of our designer makers work independently, weaving or crafting every item themselves, other brands work with talented craftspeople locally and further afield. Our appreciation for local and indigenous crafts is evident throughout our collections, from specialist heritage UK willow basket making techniques and studio ceramics to dhurrie rug weaving in India. Décoraii are proud to support the Heritage Craft Association, a UK charity dedicated to safeguarding craft skills for the future.

We favour home decor brands that work gently with the environment and sustainability front of mind. We invite you to read more about each of our designers, makers, and brands on our product pages. Discover how they work and why they do what they do.


Natural home decor

With organic modern as well as traditional homes in mind, we have sought out expertly crafted rugs, ceramics, textiles and baskets that are distinctive and inspirational, with authenticity woven or fired into every fibre. 

Textile furnishings and accessories, from throw blankets to floor rugs, bring visual and tactile warmth, as well as softening surfaces and sounds. The expertly crafted rugs in our collection are made from fine
quality natural wool and plant fibres, including linen, nettle and cactus. This collection celebrates the intrinsic charm of these natural materials through textured flatweaves as well as plain and patterned floor rugs. The results are hardwearing, finely crafted rugs that are functional centrepieces for your home. Many of our natural area rugs are from esteemed UK and Scandinavian design brands.

Kasthall’s Golden Ash Harper rug has a gold flecked, tweed-like appearance. This timeless design is flat woven with a thin, low profile, and is made from pure wool.  The rug is shown close up next to a cork side table.
Willow asymmetric basket with white lines pictured with knitting and ball of wool. Basket handmade by Rachel Bower, photo by Manna Reid.

Designer and artisan homewares

Browse our collections and you’ll discover exquisite, handcrafted ceramics and tableware. Expert crafting in clay honours the natural colours and unique glazes that are redolent of speckled pebbles, freckled bark and crystalline sand. Whether for your own table or for gifting to friends, these pieces are irresistible collectables.

In the hands of the skilled basket maker, unassuming renewable materials take on a new life. Flexible willow and fibrous seagrass are transformed into beautiful baskets that demand to be used, as well as admired.

What all our designer and artisan crafted homewares have in common is their material connection with nature. At Décoraii we celebrate our affinity with natural materials and making, and our need for a connection with nature.

Image: Asymmetric Willow Basket by Rachel Bower, photo by Manna Reid.

About our name

You might be wondering about our name. It’s derived from the Guernsey patois word décoraï, meaning decorated. Through her Guernsey roots, our founder, Claire Gaudion has drawn influence from the big skies and wild seascapes of the Channel Islands, as well as from the chalk downloads of Wessex where Décoraii is based.

An rocky coastline of Guernsey with a cloudy sky, calm ocean horizon and sandy shore in the foreground. The shoreline is scattered with dark granite rocks across the tideline.