Welcome to Décoraii, an online homeware store with nature at its heart

When you browse our pages, you’ll find a thoughtfully curated collection of home décor, accessories and furnishings. From the functional to the decorative, every object has been selected for its resonance with the natural world. We’ve chosen textures that are beautifully tactile, shapes that intrigue and colours that soothe or uplift. Each piece is expertly crafted by a skilled designer whose work is distinctive and inspirational, so authenticity is woven or fired into every fibre.   

About our collection

The goods you’ll discover at Décoraii are chosen from designers working in Britain, Scandinavia and Europe. These talented craftspeople might create exquisite ceramics and tableware with speckled finishes evocative of bird’s eggs. Or they may craft blankets and textiles using versatile fibres people first discovered millennia ago. What they all have in common is the way they relate to nature. With their help, we can all invite a little of the natural world into our homes. Choosing homeware from Décoraii means choosing quality, craftsmanship and longevity, and it gives you a sense of connection back to the colours, patterns, and forms of nature.

Hana Karim stoneware plates and serving platters stacked together showing a colour palette of pinks, beige and honey brown
Living room with Design House Stockholm wool Basket rug in the centre, and a view of a natural landscape through the windows

Biophilic design

In biophilic design, colours and textures evoke the serenity and harmony found in the natural world. Colours may be subtle or rich but are always harmonious and reflective of the way light and the seasons play on the landscape. Textures are varied, from soft to robust and smooth to rugged. Shapes aren’t uniform, but they’re pleasingly balanced and in perfect proportion. Everything celebrates the innate beauty of the raw materials – think of the functionality of undyed linen or the intriguing translucency of porcelain. 

The feelings we all want to experience at home are comfort, welcome and calm. These emotions are at the heart of biophilic design, which channels the sense of wellbeing and happiness that we feel when in nature. It nourishes and enriches everyday living with things we can use, as well as treasure.

Explore Décoraii for:

Sculptural ceramic vases from Lindform

Stoneware tableware from Julie Damhus Studio

Blankets from Cushendale and Lüks

Porcelain ceramics from Penny Spooner Ceramics

Cups and mugs from SGW Lab

Flatweave wool rugs from Fabula Living and Gelim

Ceramic stoneware from Hana Karim

Rugs from Rezas and Design House Stockholm

Table linens from The Organic Company

Eye-catching aqua blue glazed ceramic tableware displayed on a table with fruit garnishes and cutlery

You might be wondering about our name. It’s derived from the Guernsey patois word décoraï, meaning decorated. The island speaks of home to our founder, Claire Gaudion. Through her Guernsey roots, Claire has drawn influence from the big skies and wild seascapes of the Channel Islands, as well as from Hampshire’s rural landscapes where Décoraii is based.