Catherine Beaumont

In the long history of English willow basketmaking, Catherine Beaumont stands as one of the craft’s latest masters. It all started with a weekend course in 1996. Now, with her skills honed, Catherine transforms willow produced near her West Sussex home into artfully practical pieces. The secret behind her success? A reverence for tradition balanced with an inspired eye for the modern.

There’s no doubt that baskets made by Catherine Beaumont are works of art. But that doesn’t stop you from wanting to touch and use them. Their earthy naturalness makes it hard to tell where the beauty of the raw materials ends and the skill of the maker begins. Wrapped or robust wooden handles make Catherine’s baskets comfortable to carry – these are hardwearing baskets intended for everyday use.

Baskets arriving in stock soon!

English Willow Basket made by Catherine Beaumont. Asymmetric rim and curved form, this storage basket made with different colours and varieties of natural willow.