Home decor that echoes nature

Dining room with wooden table, pale blue chairs and hay colour flatwoven Fabula Living Daisy Rug. Neutral walls and wooden flooring.
Rocky coastal landscape with granite reef next to gold and green grasses, blue ocean and sky. The granite reef colours range from pale pinks to rich browns.
Hana Karim stoneware plates and serving platters stacked together showing a colour palette of blues, beige and honey brown

Natural home decor

Décoraii presents a thoughtfully curated collection of expertly crafted homewares. Colours reflect landscapes and oceans, shapes are invitingly organic and textures celebrate nature’s finest materials. Browse our collections.

Pink ochre glazed porcelain mugs

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Bring nature into your home

Our Nature Stories explore different natural environments to bring you home décor inspiration. Explore how these collections resonate with you. Each collection reflects the landscape's harmonious colours, materials, textures and forms.